My Weekend with Brandy and the #Starz

June 20th, 2015. That was the day my dream came true. Now that the shock and emotions have set in and passed, I am able to reflect on the whole day and really remember all of the amazing moments that occurred. Everybody has been asking me exactly how it went, so let me tell you, it was amazing.

The day began with the Starz Meet and Greet organized by the AMAZING Brandy Daily Team (Jen & Kia). These girls are always tirelessly working so that all the Starz can interact with Brandy, as well as with each other. They are kind of like the mothers of this big family, and I am so grateful for everything that they do. All the starz met up at the Social Bar in New York City, we interacted with each other, and I met everybody for the first time. Meeting all these familiar faces that I had interacted with online for years was extremely emotional and overwhelming.

brandyday1    brandyday2

The social was a blast, we sang Brandy songs in different genres, ate, socialized and just had fun. Right as I’m about to leave the event to head to pick up my friend Unique’s ticket to the show, guess who pops up… BRANDY HERSELF. She popped in for just a second just to say hi to us and take a quick photo because she had to get ready for the show. I was speechless. I did not say a single word to her, I couldn’t believe I was looking at the real Brandy… I told myself that this was my freak out moment and that when I would meet her later that night, I would be normal. Boy was I wrong (LOL). In the picture below on the left, you can see my little head in the back, I couldn’t even form a thought so smiling for a photo was like asking me to cough up $2,000,000, it just was not going to happen.

brandyday3 brandyday4

We all met back up at the show, ready to see our girl perform as Roxie Hart in “Chicago”, front row nonetheless! Brandy shined so bright on that stage, and finally seeing her perform after all these years was an amazing moment for me. She made sure to add in those signature Brandy runs every now and again, just to let people know that she’s got it and she’s better than ever ;). Seeing her completely in her element, happy and passionate was truly incredible to watch. Once the show ended, I knew that it was coming. The moment I have been waiting for all these years, I was going to meet her.

I was scared to get too excited about this because the past few times I was supposed to see her, it didn’t work out, so I tried my hardest not to get too hype. Once I was in the line of all the fans waiting to meet her, I knew it was actually real. When she walked out, my heart started beating ridiculously fast. The closer I got to her I started losing feeling in arms, face, and my hands were shaking… People were not kidding when they were talking about going into shock, I could not control my emotions. Finally it was my turn, I literally just stared at her, shaking trying to speak but not one word would come out of my mouth. Finally, she said the first words between us, and those words sent me over the edge. She holds my face and says “Hi Michael!” in her angelic voice. Yes, you read that right, BRANDY KNEW WHO I WAS. I REPEAT, SHE KNOW WHO I FREAKIN’ WAS!!! I immediately hugged her so tight and started bawling in her arms. As she hugged me, Bran being the jokester she is starts rocking me and humming to me. My thoughts at that moment were insane (IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!). Basically, I was a mess.

Once she realized that I literally could not speak she said “Let me take these to sign so you could have your moment”, and trying to take the things out of my hand was a challenge since I was shaking so much, “Take your phone though!” she said. When I tell you how much of a struggle it was to type the password in my phone because of how much I was shaking… lord! She took my phone so that she could take the photos and in her hilarious voice said “But you gotta get on the other side for this!”, which is hilarious because that was actually my side too, but I was NOT gonna make my queen give up her side of the photo! After the first photo was taken, I took a moment to wipe my tears and make my best attempt at taking a decent photo. “I look awful in these photos”, I said to which she replied “Oh no don’t say that! Filters fix everything honey!”, this lady literally is me I was dying!

Finally on my way out, she turns back around to say “I love you Michael, thank you so much for coming all this way”, and stares at me for a couple more seconds. In all, I would say the whole moment lasted about 3 minutes, but it was the craziest 3 minutes of my life. I have never felt like that in my entire life, it was literally everything I could have imagined and more. She made me feel so comfortable, especially since I was literally inconsolable. There are not many artists who would take the time to meet all their fans, but this lady stayed way past midnight and met and spoke to every single fan outside. And she made me feel so special, and it was as if it was just her and I and she truly was there just to see me, it was the craziest feeling in the world.

brandyday5 brandyday6 brandyday7 brandyday8

Below, are a few videos of my moment with Brandy captured by the amazing Starz whom I adore.

Basically, it was the most amazing moment of my entire life, and I will cherish it forever.

Thank you to everybody who helped make it happen, I am forever grateful.




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