The Return of Janet Jackson: THANK YOU LORD

Love her or Hate her, Janet Jackson is an icon.

From the years of 1986-2011 Janet was unstoppable. While her albums were not always the biggest commercial successes, everything that she did was put with love and passion. She was passionate about her work, and it showed in the end result. Fast forward to 2015, and Janet has not been seen in over 3 years, until now. However, before we get to talking about her comeback, let us recap the struggle that has been the last three years for the entire Jan Fam.

In 2012, Janet had been limiting her appearances strictly to charity functions, however we still saw her face, making the burn a little less rough. Her style was still on fleek, face always beat, and even gave the occasional interview.

janetjacksonarticle     The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Amfar's 20th Cinema Against AIDS' Gala

However nothing could have prepared us for what to was to come next, complete and total disappearance. Janet was in love, and was now married  to the love of her life Wassim Al Mana, and while seeing her happy was amazing to all of us, not hearing or seeing her for years was a hard pill to swallow. She was now seen wearing much more subtle outfits and pretty much hiding from the world, and it seemed the occasional airport paparazzi shot or the rare public appearance was all we were ever going to get from Janet.

janetarticle4  janetarticle3

Us fans were crying, pleading, BEGGING for Janet to come back. It got so bad to the point where one fan went so far as to create a missing person’s report, hoping for Janet’s comeback. Prayers, were answered when Janet saw and replied to the tweet, giving fans their first glimmer of hope that the queen, was indeed coming back.


And just like that, it seemed like the news never stopped coming, moment after moment. The movement #ConversationsInACafe was started thanks to Janet herself, Kathy ireland and longtime producer Jimmy Jam. Just like she did before with the smash album “Rhythm Nation 1814”, it looked like Janet was ready to comeback with a vengeance, ready to change the world and inspire a whole new movement just like she did many times before.

May 16th was the day. Now, while May 16th is already a national holiday for the JanFam (celebrating the queen’s birthday), we were the ones to get the treat this year. Janet confirmed that the album and tour were indeed on their way. Yes life was amazing again, yes life was worth living again, Janet and I were finally Together Again (ahhh see what I did there). The fans were over the moon and so was I, and now with the tour announced and the album being made official, one has to wonder, why did it take so long for Janet to finally decide to make music again.

For one, Janet has always been open in her interviews about how her having to work her entire childhood had affected her. She has spent her entire life in front of the cameras, and gave the world everything she had, and it seemed especially in recent years since her 2004 Super Bowl fiasco,  that the world simply was not giving Janet the credit that she rightfully deserved.

One could also say that she simply wanted to escape from the cruel world that is the entertainment industry. For countless years, she has been ridiculed and written about in the tabloids, and now that she had the love of her life, it was the perfect chance for her to live the simple and happy life that she longed for her entire life. Living in places such as Qatar allowed for her to have her space, and recharge her batteries so she could come back better, bigger and stronger than ever. While, the past three years have not been easy for me and fans alike, I had to put my own wants aside for the greater good of the woman whom inspired me in my hardest times. You see, Janet has always been there for me when I needed her, so I found it crucial that I support her in whatever way of life she choose to lead. If she was happy, so was I.

Now the queen is back. The Unbreakable World Tour is set to Begin in September and head over to many different countries and continents. Her first single from the new record “No Sleeep” is readying release, and it is starting to look like 2015 is the year that the queen rightfully take back her throne.

janetarticle6  janetarticle6

Let us take a trip down memory lane, with this amazing and my personal favorite Janet track, because it’s time to get excited. Miss Jackson is back y’all! YAAAAAS!!!

Much Love,



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