Breathe In. Breathe Out. Hilary is FINALLY Back!


The day has finally come, Hilary’s much anticipated fifth studio album “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” has finally been released, and let us just say it is exactly what we were hoping for and more! The perfect mixture of bubblegum pop and emotional jams, the record gives us Hilary’s most diverse and most personal work to date. The past 8 years have been difficult for us Hilary fans, since our girl took an indefinite break from music, with little hope that she would return.

Hilary gave us that hope last year with the songs “Chasing the Sun” and the criminally underrated “All About You” as teasers for what was to come in the following year. Fast forward a few months to 2015, Hilary was ready with a record deemed as pop perfection titled “Sparks”, and all new mermaid-esque hair, ready to take the world by storm. Now that the album is out, did it measure up to all the hype. We here at PCS are glad to say it did not!

hilaryduff3 hilaryduff2

The pop smashes “Sparks”, and potential second-single “One In A Million” are sure to get you running for the dancefloor, reminiscent of the early works of Swedish pop-star Robyn. Songs like “Confetti” will get you feeling nostalgic of the days of ’80s pop with its reference and sample of Belinda Carlisle’s smash “Heaven Is a Place On Earth”. Should you wish to listen to a more demure and relaxed Hilary, check out the Ed Sheeran penned laid-back tune “Tattoo” to get that melancholy feeling that Ed always delivers.

This record may quite possibly be the most well-crafter pop record released thus far in 2015, and Hilary’s hard work and dedication for the project definitely shines through in the final result.

PCS Score: 4/5

Standout Tracks: “One In A Million”, “Confetti”, “Tattoo”, “Lies”

Take a listen to the pop jam “Lies”, and a look at the video for “Sparks”. This is definitely what dreams are made of!

Much Love,



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