my top 5 favorite artists list, because I can

So, I’ve decided that this blog needs to take a more personal turn if I’m going to have any interest in it SOOO….. here are my top 5 favorite artists. Music is my life, so this list is basically based on 18 years of pure music loving. Here we go…

5) Janet Jackson

There isn’t much to say about this lady that the general public doesn’t know. She is a queen, plain and simple. She is an ode to the days where talent actually mattered to be able to be a successful artist. She is a brilliant songwriter, a kick-ass dancer, and her singing ain’t half bad either. Not to mention she may be the most down to earth person you will find in show business. My favorite part about her though? Behind her sweet exterior, she may be the freakiest person (sexually that is). Example: “Rope Burn” from “The Velvet Rope”



Favorite Song: “Doesn’t Really Matter”

4) Jennifer Lopez

Why? She’s Jenny from the block, THAT’S WHY. No but actually, from the second I heard “If You Had My Love”, I was in love with this woman. Her music always made me feel good and I knew and still know every word to every song. On top of that, her movies are fucking awesome (“Maid In Manhattan” and “The Wedding Planner” are gold). And her beauty is just unparalleled.



Favorite Song: “Waiting For Tonight”

3) Brandy

The Vocal Bible herself. Her voice takes me to a place that no one else’s can do. The queen of R&B, Brandy is amazing inside and out. Her runs are un-matachable, and she has the ability to put so much emotion and beauty into her music like nobody else can. She’s gorgeous, she’s an amazing actress as well currently kicking ass on “The Game”. She’s is so sweet to her fans, and she makes me proud to consider myself one of the “Starz”. Love this lady.



Favorite Song: “Come A Little Closer”

2) Christina Aguilera

The Voice of our generation. I’ve been ridin for this chick since day 1. She has something that all the other pop chicks don’t have. A KILLER VOICE. This woman has a voice that can be compared to the greats, but it isn’t just her voice that makes me love her so much. It’s her complete “fuck you” attitude that she has to anybody who has something negative to say about her. Christina speaks her mind and she doesn’t care what you say about it. She knows she’s great, and us commoners better treat her great.



Favorite Song: Fighter

1) Britney Spears

It’s Britney, Bitch. Ladies and Gentlemen, the love of my life. There are no words to describe just how strongly I feel about her. You know how there are some people that you just love unconditionally and don’t know why? Since I can remember, I have been in love with her and it isn’t just her music that speaks to me. As a person, she is so genuine and sweet and strong. She has been through hell and back and the smile never leaves her face. She is the master of pop music, the greatest performer that this generation has seen and well she’s perfect. #ALLHAILTHEQUEEN



Favorite Song: “Everytime”


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