“…Baby One More Time” Track-by-Track: 15 Years Later


The pop princess’ first album came out today 15 years ago. In a time, where groups like Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Spice Girls were flourishing , Britney opened the door for other young teen females to slay and she made a market for them. So let’s go back in time to 1999 and take a listen to the album that re-invented teen pop. Hit me baby one more time!

1. … Baby One More Time


Maybe the most iconic pop song in history, “…Baby One More Time” sent girls dancing, boys salivation and parents fuming. With her seductive catholic school girl uniform, Britney oozed sexuality with a hint of innocence and took over the world. The song was originally intended for R&B trio TLC, but when they turned it down Britney took it and turned it into the iconic hit that it is today. It’s hard to believe that if things had gone differently, we may not know Britney Spears today. Thank you TLC, thank you.

2. (You Drive Me) Crazy


One of the catchiest hooks in the world, Britney sings about a boy who she can’t stop thinking about, and how he drives her crazy. This song was also included on the soudntrack for the 1999 film “Drive Me Crazy”. The perfect way to end the best decade, “Crazy” topped the radio charts in September ’99.

3. Sometimes


This song showed the world that while Britney Spears could be a sex kitten that all boys dream about, she is also America’s Sweetheart. Showing off her killer dance moves and her sweet and southern personality, this song showed that while Britney was hot as hell, she was still 17 y’all!

4. Soda Pop


Reggae Britney! Why this song was never used in a jamaican inspired Cheetos commercial I will never know (trust me, the tiger would appreciate this tune) This reggae infused pop jam is a classic that only true Britney fans would know and appreciate. Britney sings along to a Rasta beat as a Reggae singer jams along with her in the chorus. The clock is tickin’ and she can’t stop!

5. Born To Make You Happy


Maybe my all-time favorite Britney song, “Born To Make You Happy” is a beautiful love song about a girl who is so devoted to her lover and would do anything to please them. The original lyrics of the song were more sexual, however a then 15-year-old Britney made the songwriters change the lyrics, feeling that the sexual content may badly influence her younger audience. Britney’s sweet vocals and the meaningful lyrics are enough to make any couple want to embrace each other.

6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart


A song about heartbreak, Britney showed every teenage girl in the world that she was just like them. She experienced love and she experienced heartbreak as well. This aided tremendously her “girl-next-door” image, and she made girls feel good about themselves because they finally had a girl that they could relate to.

7. I Will Be There


A song about friendship and always being there for the person you care about. A message that everybody can appreciate and relate to, whether you’re me or Miley Cyrus apparently.

8. I Will Still Love You (feat. Don Philip)


Britney recorded this song with an unknown artist by the name of Don Philip whom she later came across 14 years later during the “X Factor” auditions when he auditioned for her. While the audition didn’t go his way, at least he can say he recorded with the queen.


9. Thinkin’ About You


Britney used to sing this little diddy during her first ever tour back in 1998 when she performed in malls across america. A sweet and cute song about teen love, ahh the memories.

10. E-Mail My Heart


Back in 1999, E-mail’s were the biggest thing in the world. For the first time ever, you could actually electronically write your feelings about the person you love, and that’s what Britney sings about on this song. She has previously said she was embarrassed by this song, but don’t worry Britney we sure as hell aren’t!

11. The Beat Goes On


Britney re-made this classic Sonny & Cher track on her debut album. A song that maybe 99% of the people listening to it didn’t know, Britney re-made it and re-introduced it to a whole new generation. Fun fact: Britney almost performed the song with Cher in Las Vegas in 2001 however, Cher’s flight was delayed and she wasn’t able to make the performance. Darn!

Britney Spears was considered more than just a teen idol. This album certified her place as the “new Madonna”, due to her racy dance moves and charming persona, she was able to captivate the world in a way that no other female artist had ever done before. Looks like it worked out, because instead of turning into a Debbie Gibson or Tiffany, Britney Spears is officially considered to be one of the most iconic pop stars in history, y’all!


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