2014 People’s Choice Awards: Highlights

The first award show of the year is officially over! The People’s Choice Awards, while not the most prestigious award, it is still the first award show of the year and a fun show nonetheless. The only award show to truly leave the decision to us, the people! This year’s ceremony shared a few high points, let us take a look!

Christina Aguilera surprised the audience with a cute cameo appearance in the show’s opening skit.

Brad Paisley ordered Burgers and Fries from Kat Dennings and Beth Berhs. Well almost anyway.

Speaking of burgers, Justin Timberlake celebrated his multiple wins of the night by having a night out at Taco Bell after the show.

Pop Queen and Icon Britney Spears won her first PCA tonight (hard to believe right?). Looking ravishing as always, she accepted the PCA for “Favorite Pop Artist”


While the People’s Choice Awards aren’t the most exciting award ceremony, there is a certain charm about the fact that the nominees and winners are all chosen by the people, meaning that there is no stuck up/uptight academy making the decisions. It’s fun, it’s cute, and they managed to get Britney so it’s not too bad in my book!

Check out the link here to see the FULL list of winners: http://blog.peopleschoice.com/2014/01/08/peoples-choice-awards-2014-winners-full-list/





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