The Power of Beyoncé

If 2013 was any indication, Beyonce is letting the world know that she is queen and that nobody can take the throne away from her. She took over the world with her magical performance at the 2013 Superbowl and she hasn’t let the world forget about her since.


Now, Bey is ready to take 2014 by storm. With a brand new album that The L.A. Times called “Best Album of 2013” and a new leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour ready to take Europe in February, Beyonce is ready to claim 2014, and she is not letting anybody have a piece.

Her self-titled self-described “visual album” “Beyonce”, is her new body of work that comes from inspirations in her life and self-experiences. Her first album since becoming a mother to 2 year-old Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce says “Just because you become a mother, doesn’t mean that you lose who you are”. See Bey talk about her new found sexuality as well as working on the album in the 4th part of her docu-series.

The album has already broken countless records selling 1,301,000 copies in the U.S. alone in a span of three weeks. 972,000 of those copies sold were digital copies, making it the fastest-selling digital album of all time.

Off of the album comes two brand new singles that are gaining major airplay at radio including the sexy hit “Drunk In Love” that she recorded with her husband of almost 6 years Jay-Z.

As well as the love song “XO” co-written by OneRepublic hit-maker Ryan Tedder. The song recently caused controversy due to it’s containing of an audio sample from the 1986 Challenger disaster. The sample comes from NASA’s first announcement following the space shuttle’s explosion: “Flight controllers here are looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction.” Beyonce herself responded to the criticism from NASA in a statement released to ABC NEWS:  “The song ‘XO’ was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen, so love and appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you”.

Watch the video directed by “Wrecking Ball” director Terry Richardson below.

One thing is for sure, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about Beyonce in the new year.




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